Welcome Home, Powerful Soul

I am here to support you find clarity and empowerment as you navigate through the rollercoaster of your human and multidimensional journey. Because you are here to BE the change you wish to see in the world!

Resourcing from Within

3 Transmissions – 3 Activations – 3 Points of Gathering

October 9th – 10th – 11th 2022

Where we turn Fear into Trust, Hate into Love, Trauma into Power, Lack into Abundance and Contraction into Expansion.

My name is Nayeli Dalisay.

I am your
and siSTAR.

I am a
Master Alchemist,
Leader of the Heart,
New Earth Creatrix,

Divine reflection of your own Sovereignty and Infinity,

Channel for the Pure Unconditional Love frequency of
Source Consciousness.

I welcome you in this sacred
space of co-creation.

My offerings

Are you ready

✦ to take full responsibility for your own life? ✦

✦ to BE the change you wish to see in the world? ✦

✦ to live your best, most abundant and aligned life possible? ✦

✦ to radically change your life, in order to live from a place of Love, Peace, Connection or Joy rather than from a place of fear, worry, shame, guilt or judgement? ✦

I am here to support you on your own ascension journey, on your personal journey back Home to Love.

And words cannot possibly express how honoured and excited I am for you and this co-creation.

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