Be the Master You Came Here to Be

Basking in Divine Mother's Love

Triweekly Zoom Gatherings.

In this ceremonial space we shall come together and bask in the Divine Love of the Great Mother, remembering our true sovereign nature that instills the peace that passes all understanding in our bodies, hearts and minds.

Sophia Circle Journeys™ • Mentorships • Organic Initiations

About me

Hey Beautiful Angel,

My name is Nayeli Dalisay.

I am a Mentor for Embodied Spirituality,

Certified Sophia Circle Leader™,

Creatrix of Sacred Spaces and

Facilitator of Girls Circles.

I am a Visionary who is fascinated about the evolution and ascension of consciousness.

And I am passionate about how to sustainably anchor Heaven on Earth on a micro and macro scale.

My prayer is for humanity’s innocent Heart to be resurreced and remembered in its entirety for ourselves and the future generations of our (grand)sons and (grand)daughters.

I welcome you in this sacred
space of co-creation.


Sophia Circle Journeys™

This is life-changing experience that will stimulate growth in every aspect of your life. It includes a total of 13 gatherings in which we walk through every chapter of The Sophia Code®. You will activate your divine genome and continue the process of embodying your Higher Self.

Empowerment Session

Whether you are going through your so called “dark night of the soul” or are unsatisfied with a specific area in your life, this session supports you to more gracefully journey through your initiations.

Private Mentorship

This is my most intimate offering where I support you during your human journey of initiations as you are unfurling one petal after another of your uniquely sovereign angelic essence.


I regularly facilitate in person and online gatherings, retreats and ceremonies. So that we can come together in community and witness one another in our sacred becoming.


Here you find a compilation of past transmissions, channelings and other offerings designed to support you on your uniquely sacred journey of embodiment and remembrance.

Are you ready

to take full responsibility for your own life?

to BE the change you wish to see in the world?

to live your best, most abundant and aligned life possible?

to radically change your life, in order to live from a place of Love, Peace, Connection or Joy rather than from a place of fear, worry, shame, guilt or judgement?

I am here to support you on your own ascension journey, on your personal journey back Home to Love.

And words cannot possibly express how honoured and excited I am for you and this co-creation.


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