Sustainable Change can only happen from within

The word sustainability has been being thrown around massively in the world these past years, loosing its depth in meaning and pondering around the most superficial meaning of sustainability which in itself is far away from its purest essence.

Belief me, also I have played in these streams of consciousness where I myself was using this word without deep reflection. It activated an understanding that we need to change something in order for us to be able to create a humane life on Earth. When I was studying environmental sciences, one day the veils just lifted. I saw how this word was being misused (mostly subconsciously) for manipulation and green washing in class rooms, media and politics in order for people to just ponder around the surface rather than acknowledging and diving into the core of all the challenges we are facing in this world. When I was able to see though this, after many stepping stones of awakening, it made me furious and I could not understand how such a university carreer that is more and more revered in society was not actually creating the most sustainable foundation possible.

Throughout the years I have come to understand that there is so much fear in our human consciousness of change and the very uncomfortable and painful feelings that come with it, that many people are deeply desiring a sustainable change but don’t feel safe enough to open up to the inner and most radical change that is actually needed and desired.

Therefore many people are admittedly waking up to many aspects in society that have long passed their due date to be here, but are unfortunately then subonsciously creating new golden cages within their lives, where they are still nurtured in the false sense of safety and freedom and therefore still feeding the system.

As we have very clearly been seeing, the outside is crumbling one by one in accordance to our individual and collective free will. There is no way around pondering around in the superficial changes any longer. The time is finally here to create the most sustainable, deep, radical change that Gaia has ever seen.

For the better of humanity.
For the peace of the world.
For the holy union of all of what we are.

And this my dear friends can only happen from within you and me.
Yes we have heard this over and over again, but it is crucial for us to actually embody this, reclaim our responsibility and fully embody our sovereign divinity.

So, I invite you to become aware of where you are still attached to any identifications, where you are running away from the unknown and where you are putting yourself into a box of consciousness just because that is how you belief you need to be. And know that the first stap of liberation is awakening to all of the illusions.

Remember, always choose love
Nayeli Dalisay 🌹


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