My name is Nayeli Dalisay

Just as you, I am journeying back home to my own sovereign inheritance of Pure Unconditional Love.

A series of unpredictable and life changing events, experiences and initiations have radically changed the way that I choose to see and interact with the world.

Let me share a snippet of my life with you.

My daily prayer is for us to come together in a sovereignly embodied way once again.

I was born and raised in the city of Zurich in Switzerland into a lineage of global peace warriors. My ancestors have all been playing an integral part, fighting, praying and asking for change, equality and peace on this planet. Everyone in accordance with their unique Soul’s prayer. As I have grown to understand the magnitude of my ancestor’s legacies and what they did, in order for me to sit here now and share these words, it was bound to happen that life lead me to this path of divine service and liberation of humanity’s sacred Heart.

My life however, has not always been this way. My mother’s early passing and all the ancestral, karmic and societal trauma stored in my DNA led me to personally have an agnostic belief for most part of my life. It was my love and appreciation for this planet that led me to study environmental sciences and organic farming. During my studies many things that I was being fed as information were not adding up. Seeing beyond the short term solutions I was being presented at University, I chose to start healing my own shattered Heart. Thus, I chose to dedicate all of my life to the remembrance of our shared and equal sovereign divinity, which I see as the only solution in facing this societal and planetary crisis.

Truly it's been my curiousity and willingness to question and radically be honest that has led me here today.

I have sought validation and permission slips outside of myself for as long as I can remember. After one of my biggest awakenings in 2019, I found myself in utter confusion, lonliness and fear. The gift of the internet, books and the countless of coaches and psychic mediums were my solace in a very challenging period of my life.

During this time I booked so many sessions, bought courses after courses, learned about different psychic modalities and attended many retreats – some alone, some in community.

Looking back, I really just wanted someone to validate me and tell me all of the glorious things they saw in me.

Sadly enough, many of the people I was looking for guidance for (consciously or unconsciously) took advantage of my very vulnerable and dis-empowered state of being. Telling me all kinds of things and validating exactly those parts of me that needed the outside validation. Since this is not a sustainable way to evolve I was looping myself into seeking out more and more information outside of myself.

As painful as these experiences were, I am seeing more and more clearly how subtle the energies of co-depencendies and addictions can play out, especially in the most ‘spiritually enlightened’ spaces.

Thankfully, my Heart has always guided me to come back to my own truth which has been lying at the center of my being, patiently waiting to be visited by my innocent presence.

Everything in existence wants to be loved and acknowledged for what it is.

How I Choose to Work

No matter, what modality or teaching I have learned over the past years, I have always been led back to listen to my own sacred Heart and become aware where and when I was and am giving my power away.

I choose to support you in remembering your direct connection and communion with the Divine (however you want to call the omniscient intelligence) and empower you in all ways possible. This is the only way we can change the world as a collective!


I am not here to save or rescue you.

I am not here to tell you who you are.

I am not here to channel specific messages for you.

I am not here to tell you all the answers to your questions.

I am not here to validate your wounded inner self.

I am here to co-create a sacred and safe space, for you to meet parts of yourself that you believe need to be shunned away for any reason.

I am here to ask you the needed questions for you to listen to the honest and authentic answers that are arising from the depths of your BEing.

I am here to create the space where you have the possibility to reconcile with all that you are – your rose petals and your thorns.

I am here to be the loving reflection of your own Sovereign Christ Light.

I am here to support you become more sober and aware where you are still playing in co-dependent entanglements and thus are giving your power away.

Yes, messages, tools, exercises, nudges and other information might come through in our co-created spaces, yet primarily I am always guiding you back to your own Sovereign Divine essence.

This is the space where you can sustainably receive any and all of the answers to your inquiries and prayers.

Remember, you are the Temple of your Heaven on Earth.

Fun Facts

I love to solve Sudokus or other logical riddles and when I feel called I can get really sucked into them.
I absolutely love Harry Potter and the wizarding world. When I awakened to the fact that this is real, it increased my awe and love for these stories even more.
I grew up in a multicultural and multilingual environment. My mother being Swiss-Mexican born in the US my father being Austrian-Philippino being born in Switzerland.
Translated, my two given names mean Love (Nayeli) and Purity (Dalisay).
When I get obsessed with one project, I will find the way to complete this. Perfect example was my 2 months cycling trip to the north cape without prior long distance cycling experience. My family thought I was CRAZY.
I chose to study environmental sciences and organic farming.
I have a 20 years younger brother, who is absolutely a star in his ofn right.
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With every Blessing


Sophia Circle Journeys™

This is life-changing experience that will stimulate growth in every aspect of your life. It includes a total of 13 gatherings in which we walk through every chapter of The Sophia Code®. You will activate your divine genome and continue the process of embodying your Higher Self.

Empowerment Session

Whether you are going through your so called “dark night of the soul” or are unsatisfied with a specific area in your life, this session supports you to more gracefully journey through your initiations.

Private Mentorship

This is my most intimate offering where I support you during your human journey of initiations as you are unfurling one petal after another of your uniquely sovereign angelic essence.


I regularly facilitate in person and online gatherings, retreats and ceremonies. So that we can come together in community and witness one another in our sacred becoming.


Here you find a compilation of past transmissions, channelings and other offerings designed to support you on your uniquely sacred journey of embodiment and remembrance.

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