I am a mission soul.

I am here to be of service.

I am a leader of the New Earth.

I am here to embody all that I AM.

I am initiating the Golden Age of Miracles.

I am here to fully embody Unconditional Love.

I am here to BE the change I wish to see in the world.

I am here to support you on your journey of ascension, remembrance and embodiment.

I am here to break through structures, programs and paradigms that no longer serve humanity.

I am a multidimensional BEing incarnated as a human in order to remember and embody who I truly am.

I am here to remind you of the powerful and sovereign BEing that you are.

My name is Nayeli Dalisay.

And most importantly,
I am a divine reflection of you.

My Story

I chose to be born into a family of female and male changemakers from all around the world. In my childhood, there were four languages spoken at the dinner table and six nationalities embodied through my parents’, my grandmother’s and my presence. While my international upbringing seemed utterly normal to me, I realized very quickly that my Swiss friends did not experience this within their own families. A few months after I turned six, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose to leave the physical realm six years later.

My mother’s disease, the ‘abnormal’ family constellation and my parent’s arguments taught me to escape reality at a very young age. I numbed myself from my own feelings and emotions for years. I was living a seemingly happy life: I had friends and family close by and across the globe, I was excelling in school as well as in sports and I was travelling a lot. It was only at the age of 18 that I realized that I was lying to myself about my wellbeing and that in spite of having heard the saying often in life, time in fact did not heal everything. The unintegrated parts of me were getting louder and the pain was increasing steadily.

The journey of wanting to transform the trauma of my mother’s early passing led me to many places across the world and the multiverse and most importantly to many places within myself. It has taken a fair amount of Wisdom, Courage, Devotion, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love for me to now be able to confidently say that my mother’s early passing was the biggest initiation into my Soul’s Mission and therefore one of the biggest gifts that I have received in this life.

Then in 2019, at the age of 23, I experienced a massive spiritual awakening when my so-called kundalini energy was awakened. Without ever having heard about the kundalini energy or a kundalini awakening, this unfamiliar and very powerful energy activated a lot of fear and confusion in my system. However, thanks to this first hand experience I started to question everything that I had ever been told and that I had ever believed in. This allowed for Codes of Remembrance and Sovereignty to be activated in a very accelerated way in my field. Prior to this experience I had a very physical life and very little conscious connection with the non-physical realms, as a matter of fact I did not believe in anything metaphysical.

I have felt the Unconditional Love of Source Consciousness and have found Happiness, Love and Wholeness within myself. I have looked the Darkness straight into the heart and have seen it as my own reflection. Along the way many human and non-human angels have supported and guided me and have held the space for me to rise into the person I am today and I continue to become. I have consciously been initiated by different Interdimensional Councils of Light and Ascended Masters in order for me to BE the full embodiment of the person I came here to be and in doing so, to BE at the forefront of the great shift of the collective consciousness.

So, what started with a seemingly small mission has evolved into me being fully committed to BE the change I wish to see in the world and to BE of full yet humble service.

Because we are all

co-creating the New Earth,

one Heart at a time.

Fun facts

I love to solve Sudokus or other logical riddles and when I feel called I can get really sucked into them.
I absolutely love Harry Potter and the wizarding world. When I awakened to the fact that this is real, it increased my awe and love for these stories even more.
The six nationalities sitting at one table were Swiss, Austrian, German, Mexican, Philippino, and US American.
Translated, my two given names mean Love (Nayeli) and Purity (Dalisay).
Two of my superpowers are Vibrational Alchemy and Clairsentience.
I chose to study environmental sciences and organic farming.
I have a 20 year younger starseeded brother who teaches me how to be a child again.