Access replay ‘Navigating through Death on the ascension journey’.

Looking back, this year has been a lot about completion.

Completion of cycles that have done their service and that
have been ready to be reunified with the unconditional love of source consciousness.
Completion of cycles that we have ancestrally and karmically been playing into.

So much of the pain, grief, anger, rage, shame, guilt, lonliness, seperation,
heartbreak, etc. has been allowed to be transmuted.

Every aspect of reality has served its purpose at some point in time,
yet now during this very accelerated and big shift in consciousness,
many things can simply not be active within our fields anymore.

This can look very similar yet very different for each and every
person on planet earth. Long supressed feelings, emotions and
frequencies have come to the surface in order to be transmuted
and alchemized with the utmost love of our own I AM presence.


We held our inner children,
Our inner children were held by others
and we held others’ inner children

– and we were all allowed to express so much of what we are.


All of us are divine reflections of each other.
When one inner child heals, we all heal.
When one person is empowered, we are all empowered.
When one is inspired, we are all inspired.


December has brought up next level of completion cycles for myself and many people around me.
My human mind can litteratly not understand what is happening,
since I have been guided to BE in some of the densest grids
I have experienced in a very long time.


Always trusting in the highest alignment, I can feel that this is preparing
us for the quantuml leaps we are invited to take on the 21st of December 2021 and beyond.


New timelines of the New Golden Age are being created
and birthed in this very moment through our embodiment.


Trust and remember that whatever you are going through during these times of great change,
it is in the highest alignment and the other side of this tunel is
beautiful and magical beyond our wildest imaginations.


Allow yourself to feel this within your body.
This is not something to be understood anymore,
since our human mind can just not grasp the maginitude of this journey and creation.


Take time to rest, nourish your body mind and soul!
You are always held and loved unconditionally.
There are no right or wrong decisions,
everything is simply a learning experience.


My soul siStar, Jackie and I co-creatied a powerful transmission that can support you in navigating these times of great change. You can access the replay if you want to dive deeper into the wisdom of quantum leaping and the death portal.

Exciting times that are lying in parallel now moments
that we are more and more receiving access to, just through our BEingness.

With so much Love and Appreciation,
I am sending you a heartfelt hug through the quantum


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