Are you ready to embody your Sovereignty?

No one is the same

No body is the same

No journey is the same

No step is the same


We have grown up in a culture where the 

uniqueness of our individual journeys have 

not been honoured. Instead we have been 

put in a hot pot where we all must be the same, 

look the same, do the same – conform into the 

boxes that have been created to keep us imprisoned

for thousands of years!








Our families,

Our friends,

tell us what is 

seemingly right for us. 


So maaaaany people are trying to tell us 

what is right for us based on an experience 

that is different to our own. 

Every time someone is telling us what is right for us, 

they are not honouring our Sovereignty 

and are manipulating us. 

This can happen so subtly and subconsciously 

that very often people are not aware of this mechanism. 

The state of the mass collective consciousness

 on planet earth is the way it is because many 

people are NOT embodied in their own power. 

Giving their power away rather than taking responsibility. 

We must become aware where we are giving our

power away in every now moment and 

reclaim it for ourselves once again!

Simultaneously we also must take responsibility and 

become aware where we are subconsciously 

still manipulating others.

This is crucial for us to birth the New Earth, 

for we must be embodied in our Sovereignty

and honour the Sovereignty 

of our Sisters and Brothers!

Being embodied in our Sovereignty means that 

NO ONE can manipulate us any longer and we fully 

reclaim the uniqueness of our own individual journeys.

Are you ready to say yes to reclaiming 

the uniqueness of your journey?


Sending you many blessings and 

peace your way beautiful Souls

Nayeli Dalisay 🌹


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