Are you ready to incarnate?

“Imagine what you can create when you allow your Soul to fully incarnate into your body.” 🌹

The journey of ascension on this planet is unique to its core. For as you are ascending you are allowing your soul to fully descend and incarnate into your physical temple body. It is not about transcending and leaving your body any longer, it is about BEing here with it all. With the ups and the downs. With the fears, doubts, trust and flow. BEing present and allowing your Soul to BE fully incarnated and anchored in to these physcal realms of existence is what is important. This is what is needed on this planet. You are needed to be in your body. You are not here to leave your body, why then would you choose the be in a body in the first place. You are the ambassador of the Divine and this New Era and you are here to radically change and shift the quantum fabrics of reality on this planet. You chose to be here on the physcal planes in order to co-create this change directly at the forefront of it all, always receiving the support of your Sisters and Brother BEings (guides) of the higher realms.

Why is this so radical? Because for thousands of years we have been programmed into believing that the path of the sacred and holy ones is only to be done through transcending our physcal bodies. Leaving all the physical day to day tasks behind if and when we were serving the Divine. Letting us belief that our bodies are our limitations, our burdens and our sins. Rather than remembering that the omnipresent love of the Divine is woven through our physicality just as much as in the non-phyiscal. It is not seperate any longer. It is not better of worse. It is not higher or lower. It is all intimately intertwined with the sacred essence of the divine.

Learning and remembering to love the very human, nitty gritty aspects of our evolutionary journey of ascension is crucial. It is what allows our souls to be here. It allows uf to fully be embodied in our deepest soul essence. It is what allows us to architect our life according to our Service.

It is why we are here.

Thank you for BEing here ❤️

Remember to always choose the omnipresent Love.

In Love and Gratitude
Nayeli Dalisay 🌹


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