Ascension Mentorship

The world is ascending and so are you. You are meant to lead and guide humanity into a new paradigm, into a new collective consciousness, into the New Golden Age of Miracles. 

You are here to fully embody your higher self consciousness and create your life in full alignment of your Soul essence.

You are here to live an abundant life of joy, love, connection, peace and so much more.

You are here to consciously co-create your reality and therefore reclaim your own sovereign divinity.

You are here to BE the change you wish to see in the world.
I see you in your full greatness and light.

That’s why
I am here 

☥ to support you, in activating more codes of your dormant DNA.

󠁦༄ to support you, in activating more of your Soul Blueprint and reconnect you to your Soul essence.

☥ to support you in consciously reconnecting with your Guides, your Higher Self, Gaia, Source Consciousness and other Beings of Love that are co creating with you. 

༄ to support you to merge and unify all that you are in your conscious awareness.  

☥ to support you, in liberating yourself from codes and programs that are no longer serving you in order for you to reclaim your Sovereign Divinity.

༄ to hold the space as you are navigating through your ascension journey, with all the ups and the downs, deaths and rebirths that come up when you choose this journey.

☥ to BE a divine reflection of you as you are remembering and embodying more of who you are.

༄ to offer you an accelerated ascension journey, in order for you to anchor into more aligned versions of yourself and fully be embodied in codes of unconditional love, divine service, divine abundance and so much more. 

The Ascension Mentorship includes

6 months accelerated transformation
3 calls a month each 90 - 120 minutes

individually tailored to your unique soul blueprint
and current ascension journey

exercises and practices

to support the integration

direct availability to me

throughout this container

sharing of powerful quantum tools

that are here to support you in co-creating the life you desire to live

frequent energetic recalibration

behind the scenes

This is for you if you

have a deep desire to embody more of who you are.

have a deep desire to raise your own vibration.

have a deep desire to BE the change you wish
to see in the world and BE of service through your uniqueness.

wish to co create your life and your reality more consciously.

feel that there is so much more to your life
and soul purpose than what you are living right now.

have a deep desire to serve humanity and
Mother Earth with your unique gifts.

feel a bit lost in your journey of remembering.

Your investment for yourself and your Soul's expansion

6’666 CHF for a six months journey in linear time.
This however has a ripple effect across all space and time of your soul’s evolution.

Schedule a free discovery call now to see and feel if us embarking onto this journey together is in the highest alignment for both of us.

Payment plans are possible as well.
We will dive into this when we are on the call.