Special offer for embodying your Sovereignty

Beautiful ones ๐Ÿค It’s been an interesting journey these past two months. I arrived back in Switzerland end of July after an deeply transformative time abroad and crowning the experience with a one week pilgrimage in France receiving many initiations from the Ancient Rose Lineages. The moment I steped foot onto the grids of Switzerland, […]

Dancing the Spiral Rose

Everything comes and goes.Dies and is reborn.Is created and destroyed.Inhales and exhales.Contracts and expands.Gives and receives. This is the law of existence where one cannot exist without the other. Where the energies are always balancing themselves out in order to come back to the zero state of consciousness. When something is created, something is simultaneously […]

Sustainable Change can only happen from within

The word sustainability has been being thrown around massively in the world these past years, loosing its depth in meaning and pondering around the most superficial meaning of sustainability which in itself is far away from its purest essence. Belief me, also I have played in these streams of consciousness where I myself was using […]

Are you ready to incarnate?

“Imagine what you can create when you allow your Soul to fully incarnate into your body.” ๐ŸŒน The journey of ascension on this planet is unique to its core. For as you are ascending you are allowing your soul to fully descend and incarnate into your physical temple body. It is not about transcending and […]

Anchoring Peace on Earth

Beautiful ones, we are here to anchor and birth Peace on Earth in the most sustainable way that the Earth has ever seen. This is a big mission that we said yes to, for the energetic frequency of the planet has been vibrating in separation, war and fight consciousness for such a long time. Thinking […]

Death and Rebirth Cycles

Beautiful ones ๐ŸŒน Every time we allow ourselves to move through the Death โ™พ Rebirth Portals we land into a new reality. Every time something dies, something new is born. Every time something is destroyed, something new is created. Every time we move through contraction, there is expansion. Every time we choose to surrender deeper, […]

Co-creating with Powerful Portals

๐ŸŒ€ When we move through powerful portals, there is a loooot happening in the quantum field. Thousands of sisters and brothers across the globe open up in prayer, ceremony and ritual. Portals have the power to amplify our intentions that we set in prayer, in order for us to quantum leap from one embodied version […]

Prayer for all Women on this planet

Happy International Womenโ€™s Rights Day beautiful siStars! ๐ŸŒน Today my special prayer goes out to all the women across the planet!  Times are changing and the Goddess is resurrecting and rising within us. This is the great shift as we finally come together in Unconditional Love and Compassion. Remember that we are all directly connected […]

Are you ready to embody your Sovereignty?

No one is the same No body is the same No journey is the same No step is the same ๐ŸŒ€ We have grown up in a culture where the  uniqueness of our individual journeys have  not been honoured. Instead we have been  put in a hot pot where we all must be the same,  […]

Light Language Transmission – Integrating Cellular Upgrades

We are receiving super high frequencies into our systems. This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and challenging for the physical, mental and emotional bodies. This Light Language Transmission is here to support you in integrating and embodying these super high codes that you are receiving on a moment to moment basis. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜Š . […]