Are you ready to embody your Sovereignty?

No one is the same No body is the same No journey is the same No step is the same 🌀 We have grown up in a culture where the  uniqueness of our individual journeys have  not been honoured. Instead we have been  put in a hot pot where we all must be the same,  […]

Light Language Transmission – Integrating Cellular Upgrades

We are receiving super high frequencies into our systems. This can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and challenging for the physical, mental and emotional bodies. This Light Language Transmission is here to support you in integrating and embodying these super high codes that you are receiving on a moment to moment basis. Enjoy 😊 . […]

Merry Christmas

Dear ones ✨ Today and tomorrow many of us are gathering andcelebrating the bEARTHday of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. ☀️ ‘Christ the Saviour is born.’ came into my consciousawareness this morning wanting to be contemplated. ♾ Some people will be triggered and others will be inspired by this. Most of my life I […]

Access replay ‘Navigating through Death on the ascension journey’.

Looking back, this year has been a lot about completion. Completion of cycles that have done their service and thathave been ready to be reunified with the unconditional love of source consciousness.Completion of cycles that we have ancestrally and karmically been playing into. So much of the pain, grief, anger, rage, shame, guilt, lonliness, seperation,heartbreak, […]

My life changed forever from one day to another…

… and ever since there was no going back.✨ My spiritual awakening happened in summer 2019 and it was the biggestego death that I experienced to this day. It was the most vulnerable stateof BEing that I’ve ebodied and I can still feel the immense gratitude to thehuman and non human angels that held me […]

Reclaim all that you are – access replay!

Yaaaay I am soul excited to having shared my first co-creative space with so many Divine Souls. We went into the reclamation journey that we are all on. For the ascension journey is a journey of not only remembering all that we are, but actually reclaiming and embodying all that we are. We all are […]