Blessed Winter Solstice

Wishing all of you beautiful Souls a blessed Winter Solstice ❄️

I absolutely love this time of the year. I have come to adore the darkness and to see the gifts that lie within. This time of the year touches my Heart deeply and I wish to share the blessings with all of you.

🕯May we remember that we are midst of pitch darkness, there is always light to be found within our Hearts.

🕯May we remember that our Heart’s sovereign fire has never gone out and is patiently waiting for us to tend to it once again.

🕯May we remember that there is nowhere else to turn to for the love and peace we are praying for than within our own flaming Heart.

🕯May we remember that we are resurrecting the Heart of Humanity as the One Holy Body of Sophia Christ.

🕯May we remember that we are the light and the pitch blackness blessing us in every moment of our existence.

🕯May we remember who we truly are, our pure angelic essence of love.

Wishing you an inspired day of your life.

With so much Love 🕊
Nayeli Dalisay


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