Co-creating with Powerful Portals


When we move through powerful portals, there is a loooot happening in the quantum field.

Thousands of sisters and brothers across the globe open up in prayer, ceremony and ritual. Portals have the power to amplify our intentions that we set in prayer, in order for us to quantum leap from one embodied version of ourselves into another, shifting quantum fabrics of reality on a very accelerated level. This is very powerful for our journey of ascension. This massive movement in the quantum grids however makes it also easy for these global energies to mingle together, it has a potentiality of creating chaos and for people to tap into realms that are not in the most aligned resonance.

This makes our laser focused intention and embodiment of our sovereignty even more important. Especially during this time it is crucial to listen to our inner wisdom and fully trust that we are masters at discerning what is in resonance and what is not. We are invited to deeper remember that we always have a free will choice and that we are powerful sovereign creatrixes of our realities.

We choose in which realities we wish to play.
We choose how we want to move through the portals.
We choose our lives and our co-creation in this human journey.

The invitation is to always connect directly with Source Consciousness and your Higher Self Consciousness. They are always guiding your way in the most devoted and humble way. Then allow yourself to be guided by these Consiousness‘s how to dance and play with your guides and with the architect of your life, your Soul.

This will always guide you to experience most aligned timelines on your evolutionary journey and will directly have a massive impact on your life and on the evolution of the collective consciousness.

Sending you many blessings for this 8/8 Lion‘s Gate Portal and remember

Always choose Love
Nayeli Dalisay 🌹


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