Completing a Sophia Circle Journey

Today we completed a beautiful Sophia Circle Journey as we gathered for the 13th time with The Sophia Dragons as our over lightning mentors. What a magickal and deep journey this has been. My Heart rejoices when we come together in such intimate ways where we can truly meet and witness one another in a very unique way.

i am always deeply amazed on the divine unfolding of Sophia God. During Friday’s Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective I met The Sophia Dragons in a new and yet very familiar way. The sense of Home that I felt in the presence of The Sophia Dragons is immense. I feel such a deep peace while I still all of my big feelings of remembering their presence in my life. It has been so long that we turned our gaze away from them, or as Kaia Ra said, we dis not pick up the phone, and now we are ready to pick up the phone and streamline their unique presence and support. I am excited for their revelation at this time on Earth. What a miraculous gift we receive by remembering ourselves as a mirror of these seraphim beings! 🐲

I am excited and ready for the Dragon Journey starting next week. So curious where we will be one year from now.

Hw are you experiencing The Sophia Dragons in your life, Angel? 💖


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