Death and Rebirth Cycles

Beautiful ones 🌹

Every time we allow ourselves to move through the Death ♾ Rebirth Portals we land into a new reality.

Every time something dies, something new is born.

Every time something is destroyed, something new is created.

Every time we move through contraction, there is expansion.

Every time we choose to surrender deeper, we embody more of our Sophia Christ Light.

Every time this dance happens in an accelerated level we do not quite know what will be newly born and created. We don’t quite know how this new reality will look, feel, smell and be like. We just don’t know until it divinely unfolds in our moment to moment exploration of Self.

There is a sacred pause, void in these transitioning phases. The Liminal Space between the Old (the dying) and the New (yet to be born).

All we can do is to trust, allow ourselves to let go of control and surrender to our own Higher Self Consciousness. The lack of trust however will prevent us from sustainably quantum leaping into the New and Unknown and we will try to hold on to old and known realities, therefore still creating our future timelines from our past experiences, rather than from our every present moment.

As we are all integrating the powerful frequencies that we recevied on this Lion’s Gate Portal, the invitation for us is to trust that everything is unfolding in the Highest. No matter where you are right now, can you trust yourself deeper and let go of your controlling mechanism just a bit more?

The old is no longer serving you and the new is yet to be experienced. BE in the Liminal space, integrate these powerful frequencies into your BEing and surrender to this sacredness of your unique journey!

I myself am still in a deep cellular integration of the gifts and upgrades that I received this last week. Taking it slow and allowingmy body to rest and BE.

Remember, always choose love!
Nayeli Dalisay 🌹


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