Entering the Temple Gates

Last week I re-entered the Temple Gates of Chapter 6 of The Sophia Code, the Keycode 1 ISIS initiation. I have been listening and reading the chapter on repeat, I have been doing activation steps from the mystery school curriculums and I have been praying with ISIS.

As my ministry is materialising before my eyes, many unconscious resistances and fears have been resurfacing and I have been shedding many tears in Her presence as my mind is still trying to hold on to controlling the outcome of my destiny. She is initiating me in becoming very sober and clear of where I am still giving my power away and where I am still in resistance with my creative genius. She is lovingly but very clearly inviting me to reclaim more of my royal and divine inheritance.

Time and again, I am amazed how this codex works at our own pace and as a living transmission it is evolving with us. Pretty much exactly three years ago I came into first contact with The Sophia Code through the ISIS initiation. At that time I was going through a big wave of awakening and in the presence of Her crystalline transmission I was pretty much in and out of consciousness. I did not logically understand what The Sophia Code was, and I had never heard of any of the revealed Ascended Masters (except Jesus and Mother Mary) presented in The Sophia Code.

But I knew deep inside my Heart that this was something miraculous and if it could serve me in any way, then why not dive deeper into the book?

Even though I have read the initiation multiple times, it feels like the first time that I am reading this chapter. I am reading it with new eyes. I am listening to it with new ears. I am feeling it through a new sense of awareness. I am in awe about the depth of The Sophia Code, as it is unraveling itself to me one sacred step at a time.

🕊 If you feel called to dive into The Sophia Code and you do not understand what it is, trust your Heart. It is truly a miraculous blessing we have received during these pivotal times on this planet and are allowed to receive all the Heavenly support that we need for fulfilling our destinies!

🕊 If you wish to be supported and witnessed as you journey through The Sophia Code, then the Sophia Circle Journeys are a perfect way to go. This is such a beautiful sanctuary of Love that we create in community. Feel free to reach out to me if you wish to receive more information about the next Sophia Circle Journeys I am offering starting end of April.

With Love
Nayeli Dalisay 🤍


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