I am devoted to the highest ethical standards in furtherance of our mission of disseminating information and being in service to humanity.

My standards, procedures, communications and workshops, online and offline, show full commitment to application of the ethical values stated below.

I am committed to:

Being vision and mission driven, honour soul alignment
Being in divine service and receiving divine abundance
Being the change, walking the talk, embodiment
Giving generously and unconditionally
Fully empowering ourselves, seeing the wholeness and greatness within ourselves
Coming from love, passion, compassion, honesty, humbleness and authenticity
Trusting, surrendering, being courageous and taking action when in alignment
Making the seemingly impossible possible
Growing and expanding gracefully
Creating and co-creating magic
Unapologetic expression
Live, love, laugh

We will conduct ourselves with integrity in our communications and in relation to any information provided throughout our workshops.

We will, by all means, respect the rights and dignity of all beings and earthlings.

Trust is a gift which we honor and respect for its power to change people, communities, society and the world in its wholeness.

We will consistently attempt for excellence in our work, by bringing forth trusted information and experiences.