Sophia Circle JourneyTM – Monthly Gatherings

19:00 - 21:00


13 monthly gatherings as we journey through The Sophia Code®

We shall gather Sundays at 7pm CET

(note the time can still change and will be confirmed before the journey starts.)


December 10th 2023, January 14th 2024

February 11th 2024, March 10th 2024

April 7th 2024, May 5th 2024

June 2nd 2024, July 7th 2024

August 4th 2024, September 1st 2024

October 6th 2024, November 3rd 2024

December 8th 2024


The book The Sophia Code® is a living transmission, sacred text and love lettter to humanity. It is a modern Mystery School blueprint for accepting your sovereign divinity through the heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. When you decide to work with The Sophia Code® you begin a powerful mentorship journey with our Divine Feminine Ascended Masters.


The Sophia Circle Journey™ is a life-changing experience that will stimulate growth in
every aspect of your life.

It includes a total of 13 gatherings in which we walk through every chapter of The Sophia Code® together. On this journey, you will activate your divine genome and continue the process of embodying your Higher Self.

You will also establish important mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters
through The Sophia Code teachings. In this journey, you will be initiated into how to
receive greater self-love, self-compassion, and you may even discover your divine purpose.

If you wish to join, please schedule a call with me.

Price: 429 $ (33 $/Circle)

With Love

Nayeli Dalisay





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