The Holy Fires of Liberation

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Week 1

Hello beautiful Sisters

Thank you so much for yesterday. I absolutely enjoyed our powerful co-creation and gathering together.

For this week I invite you to get really curious in your day to day life in which situations you truly being you does not feel safe.

You can set an intention in the mornings to be shown by your Higher Self where it is that you are still abandoning parts of yourself. Trust that you will be shown what you are ready to see and receive. Key here as you are opening up to see beyond the veil innocent presence and curiosity rather than immediately judging yourself for having abandoned yourself up until now.

Alongside this, I invite you to start deepen your relationship with yourself, consciously choose yourself. Deepen your level of self love on all levels. Because you are invited to create the safe space for all aspects of yourself, that your parents and care givers were not able to create for you.

So you can as yourself following questions

  • How does my authentic expression feel and look like?
  •  When am I not fully honouring my truth and authentic expression?
  •  What am I scared of? Where do I feel the fear in my body?
  • When do I feel overwhelmed in the outside reality that parts of me don‘t feel safe
  • How can I love myself even deeper?
  • Where am I judging myself for (not) being / doing xyz?


If you for example observe that you are judging yourself, then don‘t try to push this away but rather welcome this programming, be curious why it is coming up, what it has to tell you and just allow yourself to feel it.

If you have any questions and feel called to share something in the group chat, I welcome you to share. (Also here you there might be an energy of uncomfort being activated when sharing authentically and vulnerably and that is totally valid).

Every part of you is welcome here in this space. 🥰

I am sending you so much Love and many blessings

Nayeli ❤️

Week 2

Hello beautiful Sisters 🌹 

Thank you so much again for your presence. 

Here are some words, thoughts, and questions that can accompany you throughout this week. 

 Quote from The Sophia Code on p. 9 at the bottom

“It is safe for the living master within you to finally be revealed through our undefended divine love. It is vitally important that you give yourself persmission to shine in this lifetime, free from all social conditioning, to be seen for who you really are.“

🌀 You are invited to co-create an even deeper intimate and invincible relationship with yourself and source consciousness. In order for you to more deeply be anchored in your core essence. 

🌀 Activate the Violet Flame of Alchemy whenever you feel out of your power, scared, weird in your energy. Co-create with is and receive it’s wisdom and gifts. You can call in the Ascended Master St. Germain to guide you in co-creating with the Violet Flame.

🌀 Become aware of the moments when you feel safe to be in your power and of the moments when you go back to old versions of yourself. What is different in the inside and in the outside reality that makes you embody these different versions of yourself?

🌀 How can you expand your empowered version of yourself into new areas of your life?

🌀 Sit with your inner child and ask her, why she does not feel comfortable / scared to be herself with certain people and situations. Ask her what it is that you can offer her to feel even safer on all layers, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

🌀 When you receive your inner child‘s replies honour them and take action as your empowered adult version. Remember that now you are in control to create the safe sanctuary your inner child never received. 

🌀 If there is anything that wants to be heard, you are welcome to share it here. Part of the reclamation pillar is to share the things that you feel ashamed and afraid of being seen by others. 

Sending you so much Love ❤️

Week 3

Week 4

This week I want to invite you to

  1. track and become aware of the collective programs that are swirling around in the society. 
  2. what is your relationship with that specific programming?
  3. choose to come back to your zero state of consciousness, that goes beyond these judgmental limitation. 


Here are some examples: 

  • What does it mean to be a human in society? Which limitations have we been told to believe?
  • What does it mean to be a daughter, girl, woman, sister, girlfriend/wive vs. being a son, boy, man, brother, boyfriend/husband? 
  • What does it mean to have been born into a politically active family? 
  • Politically left, center or right, how does that influence an individual? 
  • What does it mean to be a ‘spiritual’ person? What ideas are there around that?
  • How is it perceived to live in financial abundance?
  • Being omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, glutenfree… 
  • How is your country perceived by the world?


The list goes on and on and on. These examples are as inspirations, if you receive more feel free to decode those as well. 

While on one hand labels have had an important part for the evolution of the societal system, it is time now for us as wayshowers especially to come back into neutrality. Every label creates a grid which has an energetic influence on that person who enters that label as well. Becoming aware of those things is important to understand how the collective energies influence us, just by being incarnated in a female human body, in this certain country, etc.

Yes you are human and a woman and simultaneously you are so much more and it’s important to be able to access all of you. 

Sending you soo much love beautiful sisters 🌹  

Week 5

Week 6 - Closing Ceremony

Thank you so much dear SiStars for this sacred and beautiful journey together. This was just so deeply aligned and powerful and I feel so grateful for both of you. Let’s see where the journey leads us to.

With so much Love and Gratitude in my Heart.
Nayeli ❤️

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