The Holy Fires of Liberation

Join me on this
six (6) weeks journey
of radical transformation and
deep liberation.


Are you ready to walk through the
Holy Fires of Liberation with me?

Are you ready to resurrect the power of the Goddess within your Self?

We start with the Opening Ceremony and transmission on
Friday May 20th 2022.

Have you ever longed for Peace on Earth?

Have you ever felt alone and overwhelmed in this vast
world of hustle, stress, achievement and comparison?

Have you ever been terrified of expressing your truth?

Have you ever hidden your true self away
just to fit in and feel safe?

Have you ever said or done something to gain
validation from someone else?

Have you ever desired a life with
more purpose
and fulfilment?

Have you ever longed for deeper connections
with your sisters and brothers?

Let me tell you that there is a reason for this.
Deep inside yourself you know that you are here for something
more than you are currently living!

This world has been upside down for centuries and we are
slowly (or rapidly) waking up from this nightmare.
We have been suppressed, enslaved, punished,
tortured and caught captive for a long time.
And honestly we have subconsciously said yes to all of this.


Because this is the sacred dance of creation,
The heroic journey of our courageous souls,
A journey of radical mastery and exploration of Self.


We also have said YES to OUR LIBERATION,
which is HERE NOW!

The time has finally come for you to stop playing small and
radically embody your bright shining light!

Free yourself from the tine tiny box that society has
tried to put your vastness in.

Free yourself from all constructs that
are keeping you captive.

Free your Self!

For, there is an infinite, wild and powerful
life force energy surging through your whole body
and it wants to fully be expressed once again!

Liberate yourself to be the embodied change in this world!

It is possible and crucial for you to courageously walk through the flames of your liberation. You‘ve already taken so many courageous steps on this journey, so don‘t shy away now, don‘t stop here where you can already smell the sweet scent of your magnificently liberated self. It might seem far, unbearable, terrifying, yet it is closer than ever before.


Your liberation is here now!

There is no way around this anymore.

Now is the time for you to shine bright,
brighter than ever before!


Gift yourself with this. Feel your power, your gift, your light, your potential, your greatness, your limitlessness, your wildness, your innocence, your passion, your uniqueness, your vulnerability, your pure essence! 

This is a journey for the courageous ones. Sister, you are not alone. I invite you to join me on this sacred journey, where we meet in the Temples of the Divine and take the next steps of our individual journey of liberation. We are walking side by side, co-creating sacred spaces where we rise like a Phoenix. Magnificent, radiant, beautiful, stunning, powerful, naturally presenting itself to the world in its grace and innate vibrancy!

You came here for this
and nothing smaller than this!

Six (6) Weeks and a Journey beyond Space and Time

Beautiful Sister

If you have come this far, then I deeply honour you and thank you from the depths of my Soul. You truly have great things to share and create. Your deep wisdom wants wants to be expressed and shared with the world. So, are you ready to walk through the sacredly spiralling flames of liberation? Are you ready to embody more of who you truly are?

This journey includes

We will meet live on following dates (note these are the updated dates)

Friday May 20th

Friday May 27th

Friday June 3rd


Friday June 10th

Friday June 17th

Friday June 24th

Live on Zoom at 7 PM CET (Central European Time).

Weeks 1 and 2


Liberation can only happen when we awaken to the fact that we are being imprisoned. So in the first two weeks we are unravelling and striping away veils of this deep sleep we have been in. 

Bringing these subconscious codes and programmings into our conscious awareness is the first key we are using to open the portal into the sacred Temple Halls our liberated self.

Most of the enslavement codes are infused in the mass collective consciousness of humanity and will manifest itself similarly yet uniquely for each and every one, depending on your karmic and ancestral DNA coding.

In these two weeks we are focusing in radically becoming aware of the enslavement codes that are still active in your field. I am sharing some very powerful and profound tools that massively support me in this process of awakening.


Weeks 3 and 4


Only you hold the key of your unique and sacred liberation. Therefore, the next step is consecrated in your reclamation of what has been keeping you small! This is the only possible way to fully liberate yourself and embody who you truly are. Remember, war cannot be solved with more war, but with the unconditional love that is always here waiting to be received by us in these great Temple Halls. The Temple Gates are always open and welcoming you.

Are you ready to enter? 

You are invited in this sacred space, where everything and no-thing exist simultaneously. This is where you have been born and this is where you will die, over and over again! We are receiving initiations directly from the Divine Mother Creatrix of all existence. We are meeting and learning to co-create an even deeper and more intimate relationship with our Higher Self Consciousness, our bodies and the Goddess. 

It is time for you to claim your space and free yourself from the cords that are keeping you small!​

Weeks 5 and 6


You shall be initiated into the sacred Arts of Alchemy that supports in a graceful integration and embodiment and gives you the power to choose which timelines you wish to experience in your life. This supports you in more gracefully moving through the thresholds of the Portals of expansion. The pure essence of the alchemical wisdom has been hidden away for a very long time. Now is the time to resurrect and remember these sacred arts through our radical embodiment. 

I am excited to share powerful teachings and embodiment practices for you to radically and very effectively transform programming that is no longer in your highest alignment. 

This catapults you into the most aligned version on a moment to moment basis and will massively support in the journey of liberation. 

The journey of liberation cannot be done without mastering the Sacred Arts of Alchemy. 

This sacred journey is for you if you

My name is

Nayeli Dalisay

Priestess, Starseed, Devote of the Goddess, Seeder of the New Earth, Channel of the Divine, Master Alchemist, a reflection of your own Sovereign Divinity, and naturally so much more!

Since I can remember I was labelled as a non creative human being (which by the way is utterly impossible). This labelling however has been due to me radically suppressing my own creative life force energy since birth. Out of fear of not being safe in my own skin, I would find myself to rather be silent, not dance, not start any type of creative project or not think outside of the box. Essentially I was subconsciously keeping myself behind closed bars for a long time.
Does my story sound familiar to you? You are truly not alone, the vast majority of humans (especially women) are subconsciously held captive by this system. The little voice within our mind telling us not to do or say xyz is keeping us from radically embodying our greatest potential! I am here to tell you that liberation is possible for the courageous ones, for you and me. I have walked through these flames for the last years and I can tell you at some point these flames become your ally and best friend in the darkest of times. I have decoded many steps for us to more gracefully walk through the spiralling flames of liberation, which I am beyond excited to share with you!

Are you ready to take the next leap in your evolutionary journey?

Your Investment

I honour you in saying yes to this sacred initiation of radically embodying your Self. You are investing in your Soul‘s expansion and exploration with energy and presence first and foremost.

Your financial investment for this journey is

333 CHF

You can choose if you want to pay all at once or

divide into three bi-weekly payments of 111 CHF.


For all the Swiss Sisters:
if you wish to use TWINT, contact me directly.

The Holy Fires of Liberation Journey

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly.
I am here to support you.

Telegram: @nayelidalisaycontact

Namasté beautiful Soul!