May she spread Her wings and be free

“There’s something in the air.” ☥

This is how I started my last post a couple of weeks ago. A couple of days before my grandmother pretty fiery chose to transition into her non physical infinite essence. 🔥

Never would I have imagined this was one of the things that were in the air to be transformed as well.

Fire catching in her apartment, smoke spreading and she passing in her sleep. In a blink of an eye.
Her apartment partly destroyed and fully covered with soot.
Firemen, police and neighbors, everyone was involved.
A shock for the people who knew her. A melting pot of feelings and emotions.
An unexpected event. And yet, a perfect orchestration of her Higher Self and her human embodiment.

Truly what a way to leave the physical planes of existence.🤯

Her way of transitioning, in the smoke like the phoenix rising from the ashes, she chose to rise back into the holy holeness of her angelic wings. I can feel her twinkling and smiling, as she sometimes would, telling me not to take anything too seriously.

The way she chose to leave, is definitely not a ‘normal’, calm way. This is the way she lived her life, her legcy, her prayer.

The legacy she birthed, doing pioneer work in so many areas of society, destroying patriarchial systems and structures, leading a movement deeply in alignment with her Sophia Christ consciousness, for peace, unity and equity on this planet. We would not be where we are in society if it was not for her work (and the same goes for your ancestors).

I am truly amazed.
I am truly honoured.
I am deeply touched by how she used her traumas and suffering as fuel for all of her sacred creations.

I am deeply honoured to feel her now strengthening my own wings for the rise of myself as the one body of Sophia Christ.

My life has taken so many unexpected and lifechanging twists and turns the past months. All I can do is show up and pray the prayer of my heart. Learning to truly love all parts of myself. One step at a time, deeply trusting that I am supported by my soul and the divine mother creatrix of all existence.

In honour to my grandmother. May her prayer, her legacy, her love live on through me, through my children and my children’s children.

May she be at peace, may she explore the infinity of herself with joy, passion and love.

May the experiences that she was allowed to have in this lifetime be of service in her other lifetimes.

May she spread her wings and be free as the magnificent phoenix risen from the ashes 🔥

I myself will be back posting February next year. For now my focus is where it needs me.

I am still offering 1:1 mentorships if you are moving through some life changing initiations and wish to be supported, witnessed and loved as you yourself are rising as the magnificent phoenix of your sovereign divinity ✨

With Love
Nayeli Dalisay 🕊


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