Mentoring with Hathor

🧡 Last week I facilitated the gathering with Hathor as our overlightning mentor in the Sophia Circle Journey for the fifth time and I had such a full blown revelation of how Hathor's transmission can guide me in my life, which I the quote below captures it perfectly:

"True intimacy leads to joy. In the covenant of The Sophia Code, joy is an essential quality of your divine inheritance. I am here to guide you in how your body is the ultimate vehicle for communing in electro-ecstatic bliss with your sovereign multidimensional self." - Hathor, Pg. 107 of The Sophia Code

It took facilitating five gatherings and obviously so much prayer, alchemy and intention to feel Hathor's unique Keycode transmission in this new way. Witnessing how every time in Hathor's circles the whole circle is filled with unique joy, ecstasy and lightness, I am so excited to now welcome Her into my life in new ways. Learning about the Truth of my divine inheritance through the vehicle of joy and grace, through Hathor is a whole new level that I am up for. 🥰

🧡 This is so special to my Heart, since Hathor literally was the last Ascended Master from the Introductory Volume of The Sophia Code that I was able to open my consciousness to. I remember during the certification process, being terrified of Her mighty presence and keeping Her at a safe distance for a long time, while simultaneously creating altars dedicated to Her and never even glancing at the altars.😅 It was only when I was beginning facilitating my first Sophia Circle Journey, that I was able to start opening my consciousness to Hathor. The AHA moments of how she had been with me for a long time already, and how light and joyous our connections always were were felt like a big hug from the Divine Mother. I love the deep, deep multidimensional laughs that moved through my vessel in Her presence and divine reflection... and so much more.

Which Ascended Master is calling you to deepen your mentor relationship with them at this moment in time, Angel? I am curious to hear from you! 💞


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