One-on-One Mentorship

This is a space where you are invited to reclaim your power and divinity.

Life is a journey with many ups and downs. Change is natural, and because you are journeying back Home to your Heart, sometimes this change might feel very uncomfortable.

As the veils of illusion are stripped away one after the other you remember more and more of your true infinite essence.

Sometimes this journey requires some more support from the outside, so that you can radically reclaim all that you are, unapologetically and holistically.

Thus, I am offering this mentorship container, where I support you in navigating inner and outer changes and and expansions that your Higher Self is currently presenting to you in your life.

You are unfurling one petal after another of your sacred Rose and it is an honour for me to create the space of support on your sacred jourey back Home to your Heart.

May you learn to love and respect yourself the same way your Higher Self and Sophia God do.

The Mentorship Includes

I am offering different ways to mentor with me.

If you feel called to work with me, we shall find a way that feels good for both of us.

Evaluation of your current Situation

and what you need support with

Duration according to our agreement

I offer 3 - 6 - 9 months of Mentorship

Direct Telegram Support

on weekdays during the container

Regular Zoom Meetings

90 - 120 mins per session

Grounded Modalities

to support your integration

Investment Varies Between 350 CHF and 150 CHF / month

depending on the duration and frequency we meet. Empowerment plans available

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