Quantum Activation

This 1:1 channelled Quantum Activation is here to help you receive, remember and embody more of who you are and to quantum leap you into your highest and most aligned timeline possible in this now moment.

This session is uniquely guided depending on what you are currently going through. The lower vibrational frequencies that are no longer serving you will be alchemized, transmuted and recalibrated, giving you the ability to expand and for further light codes to be able to be activated and anchored into your field. 

Included are frequencies of Unconditional Love, Divine Remembrance, Divine Abundance, Trust, Peace, Joy, Soul Alignment and so much more. 

These frequencies will then be integrated and embodied according to your free will choice.​

This session includes

Alchemization of any frequencies that are no longer serving you and that are ready to be transmuted

Alchemization of any karmic & ancestral frequencies that are still be active in your field and are no longer serving you

Activation of light codes of Divine Remembrance, Unconditional Love, Divine Abundance, Trust, Peace, Joy...

Energetic Recalibration and transmutation far beyond what words can transmit and so much more!

During and after the session you may receive

Insights for yourself about what is holding you back from
fully embodying a more aligned version of yourself.

More clarity on what your next steps are on your journey.

Clearer connection and communication
with the non-physical realm – your Higher Self, Phoenix Child,
Spirit Guides, Source Consciousness, and Gaia.

A feeling of being seen, accepted, held, supported,
safe and loved unconditionally for all that you are.

Tangible tools to use in your daily life.

If in alignment, further messages from
me after the session has ended.

This is for you if you

have a hard time coming into your heart space.

have a soul desire to raise your vibration and
BE the change you wish to see in the world.

often feel disconnected, anxious, stressed or
uncentered in any area of your life.

feel lonely, lost or overwhelmed by your current life situation.

are moving through some challenging
situations and want to feel held and supported.

know that you are here for more than what you are currently living,
but you don’t quite know yet where to start or how to continue.

are expanding in your spiritual growth and feel a bit lost and stagnant.

feel pressure and expectations on what you ought to be doing.

I feel blessed and honored to hold the space for you and support you to quantum leap onto the highest version of yourself and remember more of who you are.

Are you ready to embark on your accelerated journey of ascension?

Then I invite you to book a session with me today.

Your investment for yourself
and your Soul Expansion

Bundle of 3 sessions
(recommended to go deeper into the journey)