My life changed forever from one day to another…

… and ever since there was no going back.✨

My spiritual awakening happened in summer 2019 and it was the biggest
ego death that I experienced to this day. It was the most vulnerable state
of BEing that I’ve ebodied and I can still feel the immense gratitude to the
human and non human angels that held me in this process.

My Soul had already been calling me to steadily dive into my own BEingness
and look for the love and happiness within the depth of my Heart. I intuitively
knew that the answers lied deep within my Heart and Soul and for that many
walls of iceneeded to melt down.

In August 2019 everything aligned perfectly, for me to feel safe enough
to surrender to an energy that was awakened within me, my so called
kundalini energy. I’d never heared about this energy before, let alone
could I handle or control this massive surge of energy shaking and
moving through my body. That night I was shaken for many hours
by my own life force energy and was held even longer by a divine
reflection of mine.

This unknown and overwhealming energy activated a lot of fear within me.

Fear of loosing control.
Fear of not knowing what was happening with me.
Fear of activating energies and portals that were not in the highest good.
Fear of what others might think of me.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of dying.

And so much more…

Many versions of myself died big time that night.

The version of me that didn’t believe in the non physical
realities could simply not exist anymore. There was no
going back to the old version of me and I was forced to
die and be reborn anew over and over again ever since.

My outer physical reality was still reflecting the old version
of me. I did not feel safe to share any of my experience with
anyone and I very seriously questionned the reason why I
was still studying at university. When I was not even
taught anything about myself through out my whole educational journey.
So I went into the depths of my BEingness to understand,
as I was being shaken uncontrolably by my own
life force energy for months after.

Ever since this experience my life has not been the same.
Everything I could possibly imagine has shifted within and without.
It’s been a rollercoaster and it’s been magical beyond words.

Deep down we are all longing for change.
The state of BEing in society and within ourselves is does not
hold the purity and love of our soul’s vibration and we know
that there is more than what we are being presented.

However, in order for this change to occur aspects of ourselves need to die.
The identities and labels we have put on ourselves have served
their purpose and not it is time to transform this in order
for us to BE the change we wish to see in the world.

There is a bright light at the end of the tunel,
but we must go through the tunel in order
to reach the other side.

We came here to life the lives of our dreams, all of us!

Join us here on Friday the 17th at 6 PM CET for a powerful transmission about the Death Portal.
We’re going to talk about its challenges and gifts!

Sending you so much Love from my Heart to yours 🥰


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