Pray with me

I pray for the liberation of all beings.
May we remember the true divinity that we are.
May we open up to the omnipresent Unconditional Love of Source.
May we allow ourselves to be deeply touched by this Love.

May we come together as the One Holy Body of Sophia Christ. Where we meet each other physically embodied in the presence of our own Holy Spirit. Where we see each other as equal mirrors and unique expressions of the one Divine Mother Creatrix of all of existence. Where suffering is dissolved through the power of Love. Where fear is welcomed as an old friend. Where traumas are reclaimed and used to fuel the rising of true peace, love and connection on this planet and beyond. Where you and me, we can meet authentically, curiously and innocently. Where you and me, we are choosing to liberate ourselves from the limiting self beliefs that are keeping us from fully expressing and embodying our true radiance. Where you and me, we remember that we are children of God, divine and perfect in its essence. Where we remember who we truly are.

I pray that I meet all parts of myself in this loving presence.
I pray for you be able to meet all parts of yourself in your loving presence.
I pray that we then meet each other in the loving presence that we have learnt to nourish within ourselves.

May we remember, the journey is the destiny. All aspects of this human journey of ascension are perfection to the last particle.

For our embodiment.
For our liberation.
For our rising in love.

This is you.
This is me.
This is us.

We are remembering.
We are reclaiming.
We are choosing.
We are moving through this together.

Petal by petal, opening up as the eternal spiralling rose of our Hearts.


In times of great change and challenges we are invited and guided to learn to detach from all co-dependencies, known and unknown. This takes great courage and yet it is the only way for our own liberation and anchoring of Heaven on Earth within our lives.

As we are all receiving our very individual initiations to reclaim our Sovereignty from all co-dependent strings that are still active in our fields, I was guided to create a very powerful 3 days container.

✨ π‘Ήπ’†π’”π’π’–π’“π’„π’Šπ’π’ˆ π’‡π’“π’π’Ž π‘Ύπ’Šπ’•π’‰π’Šπ’ ✨

3 Transmissions – 3 Activations – 3 Points of Gathering
for the embodiment of your Unique Sovereign Divinity.

✨ On October 9th – 10th – 11th ✨

These are powerful portal dates with the full moon on the 9th supporting us in seeing beyond the veils for our conscious reclamation, 10.10 portal for us to fully align to our greatest potentials, and the 11th as a deep integration and embodiment of this big transformation.

Each transmission will be around 2 hours.
Replay will be sent within 24 hours.

On october 9th you will receive a pre-recorded transmission as I will be travelling that day.
On october 10th and 11th we will gather live on Zoom at 6 PM CET.

You choose which angel number feels aligned with your Heart-Womb between

✨ 111 – 333 CHF ✨

Payment can be done through TWINT, Paypal or direct bank transfer (to a Swiss bank account). (I am still figuring it out on my own website)

Resourcing from within

I am looking forward to co-create with you😊

Remember, always choose love.
Nayeli Dalisay 🌹


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