A Transmission and Activation with Nayeli Dalisay and Jackie Davies

Death means change and change means expansion.

And in this day and age expansion means ascension.

All of us have touched the topic of death at some stage in our lives, some more and some less. Very often however Death is linked with fear, suffering and injustice, instead of its beauty and magic. The collective and individual fear of death and dying, keeps many of us from fully being able to surrender to the ever changing stream of life.

So let‘s take our power back and change this programming, in order for us to fully be able to surrender to the death portals that are being presented in our lives for our soul expansion.

On our journeys, we, Jackie and Nayeli, have looked Death straight into its heart and essence and have been able to see and experience the gift and the magic that lies within this portal. This, however, does not mean that Death cannot be painful or challenging.

That’s why we intend to co-create the safe and sacred space for you to dive deeper into your own relationship with Death. For you to be able to witness the other side of the tunnel and portal.

This time around we will be focussing on the Ego Death and how to more easily and gracefully move through these portals that are actually supporting us to BE in the highest alignment with our mission.

Do you feel a soul’s calling to receive the powerful and transformative codes being shared to support your upliftment in the Death Portal?

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