1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

What is your Higher Self asking to do as your next logical step? In this session I support you in getting crystal clear on where you are asked to expand and change, for your greatest empowerment.

CHF 144.00

Having someone to mirror one’s blind spots is always very valuable. This is why I am offering the 1:1 clarity sessions.

This is a 60 – 90 minutes session designed to support you come more into clarity with our own sovereign power.


Where are you giving your power away?

Which parts of you are your ready to reclaim and integrate once again.

Where is your Higher Self guiding you step outside of your comfort zone next?


For the session you share with me beforehand what you need support with. In which area of your life you feel overwhelmed and where you wish to gain more clarity, so that you can take the next step your Higher Self is asking you to take.

During the session you will have time to elaborate in more detail and I will guide you into becoming aware where you are subtly and not so subtly giving your power away.

This is a co-creation. I am not here to give you any all knowing answers or fix any of your problems. I am rather here to support you become aware of the areas where you are giving your power away and I support you guide you to focus upon your Holy Spirit once again.

Throughout the session you will always receive the opportunity to reclaim the disempowered parts of you that are coming to the surface in a very grounded, sustainable and sovereign way.

I am looking forward to our co-creation.


With utmost Love

CHF 144.00

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