Resourcing from within

CHF 222.00


3 Transmissions – 3 Activations – 3 Points of Gathering

The old is crumbling and we are invited to radically BE the

peacful change that we deeply desire for humanity!


This is why I was guided to create
these three transmissions,
for you to come back into your Heart,
where Fears can be alchemized
into Trust, and most importantly
where you remember your sovereign and
divine creative essence.

This divine knowing and embodiment is now needed more than ever before. We can see that many structures in this world are crumbling and this is not going to stop. It is therefore important – no crucial – for every single human being to remember that we are soooo much more than we have ever been thaught to belief on this planet.

 Amongst others, I will also share very tangiable tools and technologies that have deeply supported me in staying in my Heart Consciousness throughout my rollercoaster of this human life.

We gather together in this container to accelerate the integration of our Higher Selves and expand our awareness into more of who we truly are.


This sacred journey is for you if you

3 x two hours channeled transmissions that you can
watch whenever and as often as you want.


Your Investment

222 CHF

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CHF 222.00

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