Reclaim all that you are – access replay!

Yaaaay I am soul excited to having shared my first co-creative space with so many Divine Souls. We went into the reclamation journey that we are all on. For the ascension journey is a journey of not only remembering all that we are, but actually reclaiming and embodying all that we are.

We all are infinite divine beings of love. Created through the loving presence of the Divine Mother, Source Consciousness, the I AM presence, God, Goddess, Universe, Spirit, Sophia or however you want to call this Consciousness that is flowing through every single particle that exists in the multiverse. You, dear Soul that is currently reading these words on the screen are Source Consciousness experiencing itself through your unique vessel. Every single atom within you and around you is Source Consciousness.

By understanding this and fully embodying the knowing that we are infinite and every single aspect of our reality is created by the Unconditional Love of the Divine Mother! That means, that there is no need to judge anything anymore into good or bad, beacuse it just is. Reclaim all of you because if not someone else will do it for or against you. Reclaim your mess and your glory, your shadows and your lights. We need you to be standing in your Sovereign Divinity and this can only happen through your own courageous reclamation.

Access the replay of the wonderfully magical and powerful channelled transmission and activation I was honoured to hold the space for. Also check your spam when you sign up, it can be that the mail will be received into your spam folder.

I love you beautiful, divine, infinite Soul!

You are amazing beyond your human understanding!


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