Sophia Circle Journeys™

This is a Life Changing Journey to Embody your Higher Self
and Mentor with the Ascended Masters

Upcoming Sophia Circle Journeys™

Virtual English Journey

Start: Sunday March 23rd 2024

on Zoom

8:30 AM CET / 18:30 AEDT

5 Weekly and 8 Bi-Weekly Gatherings

Topic: Embodying Divine Love

Virtual English Journey

Start: Saturday May 18th 2024

on Zoom

7:30 PM CET / 1:30 EST

5 Weekly and 8 Bi-Weekly Gatherings

Topic: Higher Self Communion

Billingual Journey (English – German)

Start: On Request

on  Zoom or in Person

5 Weekly and 8 Bi-Weekly Ceremonial Gatherings.

Price for the Journey

$429 for the full Journey ($33/Circle)

Empowerment plan available (3 x $143).

About The Sophia Code®

The book The Sophia Code® is a living transmission, sacred text and love lettter to humanity. It is a modern Mystery School blueprint for accepting your sovereign divinity through the heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. When you decide to work with The Sophia Code® you begin a powerful mentorship journey with our Divine Feminine Ascended Masters. Each of these Keycode mentors have walked the same heroic human journey that you are on now. Their mentorship reveals how possible it is to live in your highest divine potential every day.

“The greatest of all suffering occurs when you refuse to have compassion for yourself as you are experiencing any kind of suffering. The Sanskrit root for compassion is karuna. My definition of karuna is to be so closely held by yourself that no separation can remain within you.”

– p. 250, Quan Yin

What is a Sophia Circle Journey™

The Sophia Circle Journey™ is a life-changing experience that will stimulate growth in
every aspect of your life.

It includes a total of 13 gatherings in which we walk through every chapter of The Sophia Code® together. On this journey, you will activate your divine genome and continue the process of embodying your Higher Self.

You will also establish important mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters
through The Sophia Code teachings. In this journey, you will be initiated into how to
receive greater self-love, self-compassion, and you may even discover your divine purpose.

The 13 Chapters

Section I
Chapter 1: Introducing Sophia
Chapter 2: The Sophia Code
Chapter 3: The Sophia Dragon Tribe
Chapter 4: Introducing the Keycodes
Chapter 5: A Modern Mystery School

Section II
Chapter 6: Isis
Chapter 7: Hathor
Chapter 8: Green Tara
Chapter 9: Mother Mary
Chapter 10: Mary Magdalene
Chapter 11: Quan Yin
Chapter 12: White Buffalo Woman
Chapter 13: The Sophia Dragons

My Journey with The Sophia Code®

The Sophia Code® came into my life in the summer of 2020 amid massive turmoils in my life and ever since it has been the anchor and safe haven that I can always come back to.

This sacred text has radically changed and upgraded all aspects of my life. It has not only accelerated my growth and ascension journey, but it has also kept me sane when everything was crumbling down in my life.

It has supported me in reestablishing my connection with Source consciousness.

It has taught me how to be in a sovereignly embodied relationship with my Higher Self and the Ascended Masters of The Sophia Dragon Tribe®.

It has guided me in taking the leaping for my liberation.

It has taught me what it means to radically love myself.

And every time I re-read it, I feel more empowered and more at Peace with myself.

Words cannot possibly express how much this sacred text has been one of the biggest gifts in my life since it first came into my reality.

I experience the magnitude and power that The Sophia Code® is emenating every day and I know that anyone who is genuinely intending to unappologetically embody their Higher Self will be blessed with this book.

This is why I am choosing to facilitate Sophia Circle JourneysTM where you can experience this powerful medicine for yourself.

Want to join a Sophia Circle Journey™?

I am looking forward to hearing from you

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