Soul Embodiment

Important Note: I am currently not offering this Session. If you want to work with me, check out my other offerings.

During this session we are going to be in a deep co-creation with your physical body. In order for you to expand, fully anchor in and embody a more aligned version of yourself, your physical cells must transmute the lower vibrational frequencies that are still stored in your body and have never been allowed to be felt and seen.

I will be guiding you through the three pillars of the evolutionary journey: Expansion, Death and Rebirth. In order for the alchemy to take place on a cellular level, breathwork and physical mo-vement are core in this session. This is a very powerful journey that supports you to embody more of your Soul Essence.

This will quantum leap you into a more aligned and soul embodied version of yourself.

This session includes

Merging of the physical and non physical aspects of self.

Alchemy and recalibration on a
deep cellular level and also energetic level.

Moving through the three pillars of Expansion, Death and Rebirth.

Expanding and embodying more of who you
truly are in every cell of your physical body.

During or after the session you may receive

A feeling of being reborn anew.

A feeling of lightness, trust and surrender.

A feeling of being aligned and embodied in your soul journey.

A feeling of accepting all that you are.

A very expansive feeling of Love.

The ability of becoming aware of recurring patterns or habits
that are no longer serving you and being able
to give them space to be seen and felt.

This session is for you if you

feel there is stagnant energy in your field that
is keeping you from being in the flow of life.

are expanding in your spiritual growth and feel a bit lost.

are intending to fully remember and embody all that you truly are.

want to embody and anchor in more of your soul’s frequency.

spend a lot of time in your head with worrying or
doubting and have a hard time coming into your heart space.

want to feel lighter, more love and flow in your life.

want to feel more held and be able to
fully surrender and trust your soul’s guidance.

have recurring habits or patterns that are not
serving you anymore and you wish to transmute them.

I feel blessed and honored to hold the space for you and support you to quantum leap onto the highest version of yourself and remember more of who you are.

Are you ready to embark on your accelerated journey of ascension?

Then I invite you to book a session with me today.

Your investment for yourself
and your Soul Embodiment

One session
188 CHF
Bundle of 3 sessions
444 CHF
(recommended to go deeper into the journey)

Important Note: I am currently not offering this Session. If you want to work with me, check out my other offerings.