Joining the Sophia Circles has been a beautiful gift to myself to become more intimate with The Sophia Code and with myself in my sacred practice. The circles have been a safe container and anchor which were facilitated both by the structure of the circles as by the lovely Nayeli. She simultaneously radiated a confidence and softness that created a feeling of being held and being able to fully surrender into the experience. I have enjoyed so much the depth, honesty and vulnerability of our conversations within the circle when exploring the journalling questions. I had the opportunity to experience the privilege of being in circle with two Sophia Circle Leaders; Nayeli and a Sophia Circle Leader who was rounding of her SCL certification. It has been very special to witness the love and support in this. This journey has been transformational and has filled my heart with joy!
- Nicole

Sophia Circle Journey™

"A 13 Chapters SOPHIA Circle Journey has finished for me yesterday. Diving deeper into the communion with SOPHIA and the Ascended Masters has profoundly pushed my inner transformation. Nayeli Dalisay has facitilated a most sacred space for the group and her Intuition and wisdom shined through in her organic authenticity as the collective I Am Presence assured personal growth and revelations to come upon us. Yes, even miracles happend during this Journey as I grew in spiritual strenght finally manifesting self-healing processes. Thank you, Nayeli, for this wonderful Journey and the safe and sacred space you opened for us. I bless you and your future circles. May they always be as illuminated as I have experienced it on this last Journey. Amen."
- Johannes S.

Sophia Circle Journey™

“Nayeli obviously has a huge talent for timing. It was so connected throughout time and space, when and how she put out the offer for the session and when it then happened, that for me it was just very easy to use the space, she offered. I was totally ripe for my process, which was a strong and deep one and she easily and safely was holding the space. That’s what healing is about: being there on the right time on the right place, when things are ripe to heal. And then be there, hold a strong and safe space and watch the healing unfold. Thank you for doing this for me, Nayeli! This sounds so simple and is so huge!”
- Irene K.

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

“Thank you for the beautiful Quantum Activation and your powerful healing sound frequencies. I felt the codes in my physical and energy body, especially noticeable as energy flowing up and down my spine. The spoken insights from Spirit that you shared helped me make sense of my life situation, and the perspective gained for how to proceed. Thank you, Dear Nayeli, for your beautiful work.”
- Daria Z.

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

"A session with Nayeli is like coming home to your heart and being carried along for just a little moment. She is authentic, sweet, genuine and honest. In her presence I feel myself opening up and starting to believe. What I see in her, is what I am beginning to see in myself and I love her for that. I am grateful for the session she was able to give to me. Thank you - thank you - thank you."
- Rubienne P.

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

“It's hard to put into words the magical process that I feel Nayeli initiated during our session. It was a very subtle but incredibly powerful energy that consciously connected my awareness to my guides. I feel healing is still taking place now many months later and the session was truly transformational on many levels. I believe in my heart that Nayeli is blessed with a true gift and her presence is illuminating ”
- Lucy B.

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

“​​Dear Nayeli! I want to thank you from my heart for the beautiful quantum activation. I was so surprised how powerful the session was for me. There was a lot happening in my body. I felt very connected and held and so loved. I felt a lot of things clearing and being released from my body and a lot of energy moving. The days after our session I felt more relaxed and at peace with everything around me. I felt even more connected to nature, speaking with the river, the trees, the sun and the moon. I felt more acceptance for my life and where I stand at the moment. I feel it brought a positive shift and I am very grateful to have received your powerful medicine. I also feel inspired by you! Thank you so much!”
- Lisa M.

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

“Nayeli is amazing, I did an activation with her and it was incredible. She is a pure being of light, a star seed and her loving, healing energy made me feel very relaxed and her connection with the cosmic frequency of the galactic energy forces of the universe is something to be experienced and enjoyed. I would defo recommend her to anyone who is looking to unlock their full potential and to explore their connection with the stars, the realm of spirit and our inter-galactic relations.”
- Gibby B.

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

“Nayeli is an infinitely powerful being guided by the highest source of creation. I remember hugging her for the first time which was an experience unto itself. It felt like holding a pillar of infinite peaceful light. Instantly I knew we were kindred spirits on the same path. The experience of working with her is soft, peaceful, insightful and full of wisdom and light.”
- Gregory T.

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

“It has been a blessing to receive a Quantum Activation session from Nayeli. During the session I had the feeling of being so held and cared for. She listened well about where I am in my process and am asking for support. Those aspects were beautifully weaved into the session. For me the activation has been a process which goes beyond the mind. Since the session I have the feeling of being more open to life. New and exciting things are coming into my life, and I am more connected with my essence. With strong patterns inside of myself, I notice a little “glitch” where a ray of awareness shines its light before I get drawn into the pattern. This is a big shift for me, and I feel confident that this “glitch” will expand."
- Jana

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

“My session with Nayeli was so wonderful. She cultivated such a safe space for me to open up and go into the depths of where I've really been holding myself back on a subconscious level. I felt so comfortable in her presence and the transmissions she gave me provided so much clarity on a personal and business level. I've since had time to integrate and settle in the shifts that occurred during our session, and while they were gentle, subtle adjustments, they've made a huge impression on the way I show up, allowing me to reach deeper alignment and congruence in my business.”
- Danielle L.

1:1 Higher Self Clarity Session

Irene D.
"Ich habe die drei Transmissions von Nayeli als sehr tiefgreifend und hoch schwingend erlebt. Sie führte mich mit ihren Ausführungen und den eindrücklichen Aktivierungen weit in mein Inneres und liess mich mehr über mich und meine göttliche Essenz erfahren, als ich es mit Worten je beschreiben kann. Nayeli hat die Gabe genau das weiterzugeben was gerade im Feld ansteht und mit ihrer liebevollen, tiefgründigen und gleichzeitig leichten, fröhlichen Art zu berühren, um Menschen in ihren nächsten Entwicklungsschritten zu unterstützen. Sie ist wahrlich ein Geschenk für jeden der sich öffnen mag für das Grössere, für das mit dem Verstand nur begrenzt begreifbahre und für das Initiierende, Weite."
- Irene D.

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