The Organic Unfolding in The All

Today a woman asked me if it was okay for her to read The Sophia Code for herself, without going on a Sophia Circle Journey. Due to her many life commitments she is not able to currently commit to a SCJ, but the transmissions of The Sophia Code have been call her.

I was filled with joy for her message, as she was an answered prayer of mine. Unexpected yet undeniable. A confirmation that the book wants to spread its wings here in Switzerland in new ways. As I begin facilitating my first in person journey tomorrow, I have been feeling all of the feelings and resistances coming up and this lady's message instilled a deeper sense of trust within me.

I was also reflecting on my journey with The Sophia Code and knowing that it took me about two years from first reading The Sophia Code to considering to join any Mystery School / Ascension Academy offering, let alone be facilitating Sophia Circle Journeys, I immediately told her that that was fully and completely welcome. The Sophia Code is the foundation and she can read it at her own pace.

I am always reminded that there is an organic unfolding in all of creation. And the more I can trust and surrender into this organic intelligence, the more I can let go and move like water. The immaculate architecture of creation is infinitely filled with Grace. It gives me so much peace to know that all will find The Sophia Code in their own divine timing and all will join a Sophia Circle Journey or Academy Curriculum in their own divine timing.

My prayer is to be open and receive the nudges of my Higher Self of what the next step looks like. 💖

Thank you for being here, Angels! 🪽


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