The Sacred Journey

I have been reflecting on a beautiful gem that I wanted to share in this sacred community.

I remember last year when I started the Leadership Certification Curriculum, I was feeling very ashamed of not having been mentoring with all of the Keycode mentors in the same way. I felt that I would invoke them in my circle of empowerment, but I would actually not let them support me in my daily life. As a result, there was a huge imposter syndrom activated in my consciousness.

Especially challenging were my relationships with Hathor, Green Tara and The Sophia Dragons, I kept them at a veeeeeery safe distance.

As I journeyed through the certification process I knew that I wanted to alchemize this shame, I wanted to actually be able to confidently say that I was mentoring with the Ascended Masters. Thus, I needed to reconcile with that aspect of myself and also deepen my relationship with the individual masters. The certification was a big answered prayer, since it really asked everything from me, and invited me to create the new relationship I was asking for!

Recently I have become aware a new layer of this experience. I would invoke the Ascended Masters, but keep them at a safe distance, not actually allowing them to support me in my physical reality.

In the past, when I became aware of this, my first impulse was to fall into shame and self punishing critical talk. Keeping my Heart closed, because I did not believe that I deserved their love and support, since I did not show up the way that my inner perfectionist wanted me to show up.

Aaaaaaaaand now the fun part;

I have been observing in my consciousness how I am not playing in the self shaming and self punishing any longer. When I become aware that I am not resourcing Their support, I can acknowledge that without shame and actually open myself up to their support. Mother Mary and Quan Yin especially are supporting me to stay in the present moment and not fall prey to the old patterns any longer. It feels so liberating as I can be flowing with the organic unfolding in a more graceful way, understanding that on this journey there will always a new layer of receiving even more support from the High Council.

On Sunday I facilitated a beautiful Sophia Circle for Chapter 3 on our journey and it was such a full blown blessing as we were reclaiming our own inner master in a big new way! My Heart is full with gratitude and joy, knowing that this codex is here to support us during these intense times!

May we all be blessed 🤍


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