The War on Humanity’s Innocence

Recently I have had different conversations with people who are terrified about war breaking out here in Central Europe. This is indeed no surprise with all of the terror that we have been fed with during the past years! It is important to acknowledge that the true war raging on a global level is the war on humanity’s innocence! They want us to believe that our innocence has been stripped away from us, that we are not worthy and pure enough to enter the sanctuary of our sovereign divinity and thus we need to fight for ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. The multidimensional exploitation on humanity’s innocence is the true epidemic that we are facing right now! The most obvious way we see this is how today’s children and young adolescents (who are the full embodiment and reflection of innocence) are literally being exploited and mistreated! We do not have to look far any longer, for it is being presented right into our faces! Many choose to look away, for the process of seeing through the veils of illusions and what is truly happening on this planet, is not pretty. It brings up a looot of feelings and a lot of moments where you just want to look away. It is however important to choose to see beyond the veils. The more we see through, the more we can reclaim our power, the more we can actually change what many believe cannot be changed anymore!

I pray for the liberation of humanity’s innocent heart! This happens one self loving step at a time, as we are all remembering that our innocence has never been lost and it never will. Our innocence is our true sovereign inheritance, always and forever!

Sending you many blessings into this Easter weekend


Nayeli Dalisay



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