Trust the Organic Unfolding

There is an organic intelligence that governs all form. This is an intelligence that flows and weaves its way through the atomic structure of all existence. Our Soul’s natural state of being is to pulse and move as one with this omniscient intelligence. We cannot escape it nor can we ever be separated from it. Yes, we can try to fight it but we will never be able to defeat it! The choice is always ours to surrender into the grace of this divine current or try to swim against it. In society we are taught to swimm against the organic current and as we move through our awakening we are redirecting our gaze and our movement into the organic current of reality.

What does this mean for our lives?

🌀What is meant to be part of our lives will be part of our lives at the exact right time at the exact right moment.

🌀What is not meant for us, will simply flow not find any resonance in our system.

As cliché as this sounds it is a simple as that.

I’ll share one example from my own personal life experience and maybe you will perceive how this organic divine intelligence is weaving itself through your life as well, always praying for you to come back to this sacred truth of your own sovereignty.

In 2016 I visited my family in Mexico and at that time my grandfather was watching a documentary about the Great Pyramids and how scientists were questioning if these structures could actually have been built by human beings. My grandfather was so confident human beings could not have done that and thus a different species had to have existed on Earth during that time period. At the time I personally heard that information and honestly just as quickly forgot about all of that again. I did not believe this nor did it find any resonance in my field, it simply entered one ear and left another ear. Fast forward to 2020, one random conversation that I heard online sparked a whole ripple effect of soul remembrance and somatic knowing about the Great Pyramids and the different consciousness that was anchored on this planet at that time.

Two moments in my life, where a broader historic context of Egypt was presented to my conscious awareness and two very different ways I reacted.

This is what I mean with the organic unfolding of life in accordance with the omniscient divine intelligence that is infused everywhere (also called God).

I have so many small and big life examples of this organic unfolding in my life.

And I have just as many life examples of the times when I tried to go against this current and when I depleted myself completely.

My message today is simple, trust that this divine intelligence never fails you.

Your awakening to the next layer of yourself will happen at the exact right time in the exact right time.

Just as with everyone else’s journey of awakening. If you hear an information and you do not resonate with it, that’s perfect. And if you resonate and can reclaim a new aspect of yourself, that’s perfect as well.

Only through this trust and faith can we stay centered in what is happening in society right now. Trusting that there is a greater plan and that every Soul has their own sacred path of remembrance in accordance to their unique organic soul architecture.


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