Vase of Compassion with Quan Yin!

Yesterday we opened the Temple Gates in our Sophia Circle Journey with Quan Yin as our overlightinging Keycode Mentor!

This moment was sacred and touching, because of each and everyone’s deeply embodied relationship with Quan Yin!

🪷 It was Quan Yin who supported me stay on track after my first round of reading The Sophia Code, since it took me a year to be able to re-open the sacred text after my first read! Touching this sacred text for the first time brought so many of my unconscious woundings up to my consciosness, it was a time of a lot of agony and confusion. 

🪷 It was Her relatable heroic human story that allowed me to welcome her into my life beyond my understanding. It was and is in Her presence where all my unconscious wounds and fears feel safe, it is Her baptismal blessing and presence where I was and am able to dissolve illusions about myself and recognise myself anew in ever increasing measures! 

🪷 Re-reading Her chapter made it so clear to me of what we are doing here during these big, big times! What our role is, what our prayer is and what our destiny is. Individually and collectively! The sacred journey of becoming is not for the faint of hearts as Mother Mary shares with us in Her chapter and it is my great honor to be co-creating with this beautiful community of courageous Earth Angels! 

It is my honor and joy to be facilitating these sacred spaces for our individual and collective awakening. That is why I will be starting two beautiful Sophia Circle Journeys (one of them bilingual German – English) next month. If you wish to join me, please find more information on my website nayelidalisay.com/sophia-circle-journeys/ or send me a message. 

All my Love, Nayeli 🤍


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