We are our ancestors answered prayers

I am part of my mother’s legacy.

Today I very unexpectedly was led to the cemetery where my mother is buried to rest in peace. I am in awe how my mother’s presence is still deeply guiding, supporting and inspiring me, after 15 years of her departure. In the face of Death my Heart always melts and gets very vulnerable with all of the feelings arising. The love, gratitude, the grief and pain are all present in these moments of grace where I choose to open my Heart.

The sacred moments to connect with my ancestors are humbling to my humanity and soothing to my Soul. It brings it all to perspective, when I connect with the many generations that have walked the Earth and prayed and stood up for our collective peace. It is humbling to know that we are leading edge of consciousness with The Sophia Code serving this great birthing.

This is one of the reasons why I love to mentor with White Buffalo Woman. Her almighty presence weaves through the many generations of humanity’s history. She came as an answered prayer to the people. She wove her prayers into the Hearts of the ones who came before us.

May the blood shed in the past not have been in vain. May we stand as the answered prayers of our ancestors as we choose to fully remember our Sovereign Divinity. May we all be blessed by the grace of Sophia, past, present and future generations.

Thank you for being the loving witness of this post 🥰🤍🙏🐉🪶


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