Gifts and Resources

Welcome to the this temple space where you can receive free activations and resources for your Soul evolution, expansion and ascension. You are invited to receive the blessings and downloads from the transmissions with an open Heart.

Creating the New Earth from Within

Co-creating the New Earth from within is directly connecting you with your innocent and powerful Phoenix Child and meeting the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters as guides. 🌹

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Reclaim All That You Are

This powerful transmission invites and activates you into new layers of your Sovereign Reclamation. We need to be embodied in our Sovereignty in order to actually change anything on this planet. NOW is the time! I invite you to receive this powerful transmission with an open Rose Heart.

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21.12.2021 Solstice Portal Transmission

This powerful and short activation allows you to fully continue dreaming bigger and bigger. Allowing the Solstice Portal energies to code you in a way for you to accelerate your journey of evolution and ascension and stepping into deeper layers of your Higher Self Consciousness.

Now is the time to dream BIG, bigger than you’ve ever done before.

It does not matter when you are receiving this activation,
since everything exists in the ever present quantum NOW.

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